Breanna — Graham, Oregon:  I’ve been out of work over a year and they helped me produce a new resume, and within a month, I have a job. And you all can see the representatives have been working with me, with my resume and applications, and all things, and even helping me find somebody to repair my computer. You have given somebody an even chance. You’ve given me another one and it’s really been helpful.

Leah — Hardtner, Kansas:  I got some help with my credit report. I got job interviews. They helped me find a place to live when I needed to relocate when I did get a job. And I think your company is just a fantastic idea. And when I tell people about it, they just almost don’t believe me because it sounds too good to be true, you know. I have a friend who is an attorney and he’s always like, “well, what’s the catch? What’s the catch?” And I’m just like, I’m serious. All they want to do is help me get back on track. And you really have done so.

Kaitlyn — Piqua, Ohio:  I am so happy to let you know that I will no longer be needing your services as we are no longer in debt. I am equally sad to part ways, wishing I could work for a company like yours, wanting to shout from the roof tops what your company has done for us and wanting to let everyone known I will never forget the kindness and the way of easing the stress of this journey. God bless.

Debbie — Old Fort, Tennessee:  I just wanted to let you guys know that you are a blessing to me; you’uns have helped me so much. I am a widow on Social Security. You’ve helped me with food, you’ve helped me with clothing, you’ve helped me to get my debts in order, to where I can get back on my feet. And you are a blessing to me, every one of you guys.

Caren — Willowick, Ohio:  I was made to feel like a person, and a valued person. So, I just really cannot tell you how thankful I am for your company. I get teary eyed just thinking about how happy I am and how much better my life is and I owe a big portion to your company.

Terri — Shasta Lake, California:  There is enough anger and hurt in this world and more people like you would make life a little easier for all.

Roy — West Wendover, Nevada:  They’ve fulfilled all their promises about getting me a resume made. They’ve fulfilled all their promises about trying to help me find work and I appreciate it. And I’m trying to get back on my feet and I’m trying to rebuild my life. And they helped me. They really helped me and I think they’re gonna continue helping me.

Josh — Logan, Utah:  They were always kind, considerate and never made me feel like I was a loser because I was in this situation (regrettably I think the general public does treat people in my situation like we are lazy and stupid which I think generally is absolutely untrue). Thanks again for all your support and help.

Sophia — Tulsa, Oklahoma:  I have been without a hot water tank for three years, three long years and with her help and her kindness and a blessing from the Father upstairs I was able to receive a hot water tank that was installed … I now have hot water. God is good and I wanted to thank you.