Our beliefs and values guide Who We Are.

Merit Consumer Services is the servicing agent for The Center for Consumer Recovery (CCR).

The Center for Consumer Recovery is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, focused on helping everyday Americans recover from financial distress/hardship. www.centerforconsumerrecovery.org

Merit Consumer Services is on a mission to help millions of Americans put some financial stability back into their lives.

We can’t solve every problem, but we know we can have a positive impact on the financial health of many people.

111 million Americans (34% of adults) have sub-prime credit scores — which means they have difficulty obtaining credit and pay too much for the credit they have (source: Fair Isaac Co).

140 million Americans (43% of adults) spend more than they receive each month - a negative trend line that leads to delinquent debts (source: Federal Reserve).

77 million Americans are being pursued by debt collectors and creditors for at least one delinquent debt (source: Washington Post).

21 million Americans are unbanked - meaning they have no access to the banking services that most of us take for granted (source: FDIC).

64 million Americans are under-banked - they may have a bank account but can’t effectively use it due to the lack of accessible funds, such as the ability to cash a current paycheck (source: FDIC).

For decades, we have observed consumers struggling to pay their bills on time while falling further behind. We understand avoiding financial disaster requires a "hand-up", not a "hand-out".

Merit Consumer Services provides that hand-up.
  • We help people reduce their debt burden in a way that is honorable, without costly and painful bankruptcy.

  • We help people find jobs that are commensurate with their skills and abilities.

  • We help people identify public and private social services for which they qualify. Finding jobs and mediating with creditors takes time. The need for help exists today. Merit Consumer Services can fill that gap with assistance including debt negotiation services.

  • Our process offers access to money management and budgeting tools.

  • We offer consumers the type of products and services that they need and use every day. Good products and good value go together.

  • We encourage everyone to have insurance coverage in order to protect against catastrophic events - becoming sick or hurt, dealing with a storm, an auto accident, or a fire.

Merit Consumer Services helps consumers achieve incremental and continual financial progress that will likely raise credit scores and improve their financial stability. The result of all this work is more stable families and communities.

Merit Consumer Services will help make a positive financial impact for our nation by providing Americans a hand-up.