How does Merit Consumer Services provide their services free of cost and without any fees or charges?

Everyone deserves a helping hand to deal with the challenges of debt collectors and poor credit scores – usually the result of losing a job or a family emergency. Our goal is to give you the assistance and tools so that you can recover from your financial stress:

  • Mediating with your creditors to pursue a solution that better fits your financial situation.
  • Helping you find a new or better job.
  • Helping you deal with short term crisis needs through our social services program.

Trying to do all of this yourself can be very difficult -- but we work to make the process simple and less painful.

Merit Consumer Services will always be free to our customers. Merit Consumer Services provides debt mediation and career services directly. Because of our relationships with numerous governmental, for-profit, and non-profit organizations, we are able to connect individuals to local resources that may be able to provide the social service assistance that they need. We currently have a long-term servicing contract with a non-profit who provides the funding allowing MCS to provide all services at no charge to our customers.

Additionally, we have a process to help you secure financial products and services that will help meet your needs. We analyze your situation to give you a personalized recommendation. When we can present you with a product of good value, everyone is a winner.